A Little Air Time!

I just finished one of the best weekends this year. The Piney Hills Classic MTB stage race. I had a short track and time trial on Saturday, then the XC race on sunday. Definitely, a good story to come…update you soon. Here are a couple pics from Mike Brooks ( commiebiker ).

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Opening Weekend!

This Past weekend I headed to D-town for the opening cross weekend in Texas.

With some serious pressure from friends to take over for Will Black as top dog in cross (since he left us for North Carolina). I saddled up Saturday for a fierce battle. The course was technical, fast, hard and had a . . . → Read More: Opening Weekend!


Last Night is why I am up typing this blog so late. After the Dirt Derby I am usually so pumped I can’t sleep leaving me up again tonight. This was the 3rd Dirt Derby of the year, and it was rocking. With steady changes every week the course is really starting to flow.

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Bryan the Town!

This past Sunday I traveled to Bryan/ College Station for the 4th stop of the TMBRA Fall Series.

After a sleep deprived night of camping( I forgot a cushion to put under sleeping bag ) I got up feeling still pretty fresh. At least energy wise. But, my legs were a bit worked from the . . . → Read More: Bryan the Town!

2 Nights ago….

I was in a hurt locker all night. After the crit race Sunday, then a wicked hard gym workout and running Monday I had some flat legs. But, I get out to the Dirt Derby Tuesday night and I forget my legs are the least bit tired, well until lap 2.

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Peel Out!!!

Sunday morning myself and road team Hotel San Jose/Silicon Labs head to San Antonio for the Peel out crit race. There were 7 of us that entered the race.

After a series of huge attacks one break seemed like it might actually stay away. I had two teammates in a 5 up break. Then another . . . → Read More: Peel Out!!!

Dirt Derby / Crit Racin

I was tired and ready to sleep after the long weekend and so on, but I just couldn’t resist….

As I rolled back into the Austin I headed straight for the Dirt Derby on tuesday night. I’m talkin about cyclocross and mountain bike short track racing on a motocross track in East Austin under the . . . → Read More: Dirt Derby / Crit Racin


Just Finished 5 races in 8 days. With a flight and some serious driving…

The first 2 races were crit races up in Denton, Tx. With really fast coursesand 60 -70 rider fields it was going to be fun. The first race a break of 3 got away. But, with two teammates of the . . . → Read More: