Waco Wonderland!

On Sunday was the Bicycles Outback Blowout. A great name for a great course that leaves your legs blown out! This Course in Cameron Park wasn’t the toughest I’ve races there, but never the less I am always completely trashed afterwards. With around 860 feet of climbing a lap and a super sweet single track . . . → Read More: Waco Wonderland!


Last weekend was epic. I’m not just talking about the races either. The weekend started of with a early morning drive to College Station for the Tunis Roubaix. 6- 11 mile laps with a 4 mile gravel section each lap. I have ridden many dirt roads, so I was not to worried after preparing w/ . . . → Read More: Roubaix’ssssss

Lago to Bar-H!

The Past weekend was a challenge that not only put my legs to test, but my versatility. I had planned to Race Lago Vista Day 1( 80 mile road circuit race), then drive 5 hrs North to Bar-H Ranch to race( 25 or so mile MTB race).

After a crazy Friday night, I’m not talking . . . → Read More: Lago to Bar-H!

Pics from Terlingua!

A little podium and a little party! How we do it in TX!

All photos from Terlingua property of Mike Gladu.

. . . → Read More: Pics from Terlingua!