WNX completely flat….this week!

After a hard weekend and knowing what we all went through. We are bringing you a completely new area of the park that will be almost completely flat. Should make for fun group racing and attacks. Also, we are going to reset the series tomorrow.

WNX leaders please bring your jersey’s for overall series one . . . → Read More: WNX completely flat….this week!


Cool things happening…

A Strava Run-up section: this will include a few turns and 2 run-ups to complete the section. There will be prizes awarded in multiple classes. So a race within a race. More details to come.

Cat 2 Bonus: As fields grow and 3’s are pushed to 2’s. I will have a Cat . . . → Read More: CrossGiving!

WNX Week 6

Good Stuff, good times, and lots of local racing! Come out and get tuned up for the next 2 weekends of great racing.

This week we will have a course set-ups similar to Fort-worth as I can remember. Run-ups and flowy turns as well as the typical touches to keep you on your toes!

Then . . . → Read More: WNX Week 6

Week 5 & Jakroo Leaders Jersey’s are here!

**Please bring number plates!!!!**

After a week off and all the candy you have been eating. We have another exciting course an lots of challenges to work all that good stuff off.

That’s right, Jakroo overall leaders jersey’s will handed out this week to wear for series leaders. The holder at end of series keeps . . . → Read More: Week 5 & Jakroo Leaders Jersey’s are here!