Solavaca Ranch TMBRA#3

Solavaca Ranch, near Glen Rose, TX  used to be just a animal ranch a few years ago. Now it’s a mountain bike destination for many. With fast flowing trails that get more technical the faster you go. The trail was a bit loose, powder like substance that was slick.  I found out while taking a dirt sample on the pre ride Saturday. Sunday came fast as we had a 9a.m. race start. As we lined up another strong field of 25 or so guys I check out the competition. Matt Gordon was fresh of a win a the Comfort Ranch just a week earlier, and Tristan Uhl who had strong ride the week before in Cali, then Wiley Mosley who is always doing super awesome/ secret training. A few among many other strong riders. I started the race strong, setting a good pace that got the lead group down to 4. Gordon, Tristan, Wiley, and me. Then heading into the end of the first lap Tristan attacked, blowing the group up. I tried to stay with him as I washed out, loosing my front wheel before a technical climb. Over geared and off my bike I had to run the section. Falling back to 4th and loosing close to minute.  The entire 2nd lap I chased, telling myself stay cool, don’t over ride the course. I caught Wiley after a few miles, then Matt a few miles later, and as we were coming into the last lap I caught Tristan. 1 lap to go, Matt, Tristan, and I are together. I take the lead as we push it through lapped riders, I can’t get any separation and don’t want to chance it after chasing for an entire lap. At a tough point on the course, Tristan took a bad line and I noticed a little gap. All out…this might be my only chance. Not looking back I pushed until I couldn’t hear his chain. Then a quick glance to make sure I had a good gap on him and Matt. I set into tempo and really pushed it through the steep creek sections. My efforts paid off with a win! Matt Gordon finished 2nd and Tristan Uhl 3rd.

After the race I was awarded a great handmade trophy! Then Chris Hamilton and I headed out for bonus miles at Dinosaur Valley. After a great lap there we headed back to town for some tasty Barbecue.

Next post US Pro XCT #2 and TMBRA #4.

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  • Bruce Dickman

    Hey Email me Heading your WAY!!! In NOV FYI….
    Give me your cell number call you on the way!
    Like to do some riding and promotions …..

    See ya Soon

    Bruce Dickman

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