US PRO XCT #2 Fontana, California

Here are some highlights and low lights of the trip.

The trip started with a great drive from Ontario up into the mountains to ESI grip headquarters to pick up some sweet new yellow grips!

Driving into the Mountains

Then back to the low lands for a pre-ride of the sweet new course that had great single track, but started with a brutal 450ft climb in less than 1/2 mile. Check out cyclingdirt.com and channelmtb.com for videos of the course.

Then back to airport to pick up Jeremiah Bishop and prepare for his defending of the Number 1 plate he earned the 2 weeks earlier. We had good times all wrapped by the dinner highlight a coconut! This was amazing..
apparently it combined with some rice noodles worked as he rode to a solid 2nd place even with a few mechanical issues. I finished mid pack 46th out of 92.
The next day was the short track an event I always look forward to. 20few minutes of absolute pain, legs full of lactate…burning so bad they feel like they are on fire. I made the front group slipping back to 20th in the end. JB was 6th. Again check cyclingdirt.com for an awesome short track video.

Some low lights: I wrecked in the super-d blowing my front tire off and cart-wheeling down the hill. Hurt my ankle and hyper extended my thumb. Then a nail in the tire!…ouch all wheel drive tires are pricey.

After a long drive back and being in a whirl spin a couple days…time to head to Cold Springs, TX for TMBRA #4

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