Just Finished 5 races in 8 days. With a flight and some serious driving…

The first 2 races were crit races up in Denton, Tx. With really fast coursesand 60 -70 rider fields it was going to be fun. The first race a break of 3 got away. But, with two teammates of the three I knew we would win. After about a minute gap was opened I looked to make sure I would be 4th. I attacked a few times until I got away with 2 other riders. I won the sprint for 4th. We finished 1st, 2nd, and 4th. The Second race was a downtown 4 corner crit with and uphill finish. As soon as the gun went off basically a break of 10 got away. Myself and teammate Carlos were in the break.Then Another teammate Andrew Willis bridged up. With a short course we lapped the field with 5 to go. I got a perfect lead out from teammate Tyler with Carlos on my wheel. Carlos got 1st, I went got 2nd. That was some serious throw down by the team.

Then early Tuesday I was on a plane to Interbike Trade Show. After a long day of waiting and some sleep, I was up early to the show. After a full day of resumes, talking, and walking. I headed to the Vegas Cross Cyclecross Race. With a course that was like riding on Velcro, seriously it was 3 inch deep super thick grass… it hurt! I was having I ok race till I wrecked and it was all downhill from there. I finished 2 laps down. A long night out, and back on the plane.

Now, back in Texas overnight and off in the morning for a 7 hr drive west. I was Palo Duro Canyon for a MTB race. It was so beautiful. Green, mountains, and some wildlife. We had a sweet camping area, fire, and made some serious grub on the fire. Saturday was a 1.2 mile hill climb with 10% grade. This was serious and with a head wind up most of the climb it was going to burn. I squeaked out a win by 7 seconds over my road teammate Tristan Uhl. 5:27.
The next day was the xc. It was a super sweet 16mile course and we had to do 2 laps. Ouch! This one hurt from the gun as the heat began to cook me…and there is no shade in the desert. 34 miles later a pulled off my third straight fall series Win. With salt rings to show I cramped in the river after the race and then battled them all the way home.

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  • Mom

    Bryan, Your blog is awesome, glad to read your results, sounds like you are kicking ass!!! I miss you and Love you very much!!! Ride Hard
    Love, Your Mom XXXOOO

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