Dirt Derby / Crit Racin

I was tired and ready to sleep after the long weekend and so on, but I just couldn’t resist….

As I rolled back into the Austin I headed straight for the Dirt Derby on tuesday night. I’m talkin about cyclocross and mountain bike short track racing on a motocross track in East Austin under the lights. For me the night started with a warm-up of 25min in the back of the 3/4 cross race to get time on my new Serotta Cross bike. Then straight into the Oakley Velodrome races( a 300 meter dirt flat track) This was probably the highlight of the night! I did all three races-missin out, kirin race, and unknown lap race. I squeaked out tight sprint finishes to win all three. Then quickly to the car for a bike change and a MET Endurance shake to keep me fueled for the last race(the open mountain bike short track). With a couple other pros and semi-pros out it made for a fun race. At about the 15 minute mark I opened a gap in the whoops and held it to the finish. Soooo much fun!

After a day of recovery it was off to the final Thursday night crit race. The crit is on a car race track that is glass smooth and full of kiss your A*# turns. Usually Avg. speeds of 26-28mph, and 10 primes made this race look like a gun fight! Early on I got two primes a Gift Card to Sun & Ski, and Clif bar drink mix. Then I settled down for a few minutes and held on for dear life( I was really feeling tuesday). As we hit 5 laps to go a break of four went up the road, and I was on big johns wheel at 32mph and got into the break with 3 to go… Then teammate, race promoter, and team manager Barry Lee took me on his wheel with 1 lap to go and lead me to the line where I sealed the deal for Team Hotel San Jose. That is like 6 or 7 weeks in a row for our team.

Today, I just did a light spin to keep my legs fresh for a Crit Race in San Antonio tomorrow.
This is one of the last of the year, so I’m sure it will be exciting.

Thanks for reading! Bryan

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