Peel Out!!!

Sunday morning myself and road team Hotel San Jose/Silicon Labs head to San Antonio for the Peel out crit race. There were 7 of us that entered the race.

After a series of huge attacks one break seemed like it might actually stay away. I had two teammates in a 5 up break. Then another teammate makes it across with no chasers. Now 3 of 6. The field was just sitting up after a prime when I jumped with a teammate on my wheel. It took about two laps but we finally made the bridge. 5 of 8! Those are odds i like. But, Barry lee my team manager didn’t. He attacked over and over. Eventually popping 1 guy, then another wrecked, so it was 5 of us, 1 of them! Barry still wasn’t happy, attack, attack, attack till he finally rode away solo to the win. 1 lap to go Tyler jumped, and I sat on the odd man out and waited for the sprint! Barry 1st, Tyler 2nd, I finished 3rd. The only non-teammate finished 4th with an unbelievable ride. We also finished 5th, 6th, and 8th. Sorry to everyone, but we payed the bills. This was the final crit 2007 for me and the team. Till next year!

Now, off to the Dirt Derby for some Cross & MTB practice!

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