Bike The Bricks

This year was the 2nd ever Bike the Bricks in McKinney, TX

This is a staple in Texas racing already. It’s one of the best organized races, lots of spectators, and a tough course. After racing mountain almost all spring I didn’t expect a lot from the race, however I did get 3rd the year before. This is a fast Crit with technical turns. After 75 minutes it was Elbows Yamaha, and Tulsa Tough teams leading it out. I was sitting well and jumped going into the last Turn and holding on to the win! Check out this sweet trophy!

Thanks to all the hard work of McKinney Velo, Volunteers, and sponsors that made the race possible. Next up, a big write on the Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic. A 7 day mtb stage race I just finished. Wait till you see these pics! Thanks for reading, Bryan


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  • Sounds funny but I predicted you would win this…Some guy from West Virginia shredding up the state of Texas..go world cup man…and hit the olympics on the way. congrats

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