2 Nights ago….

I was in a hurt locker all night. After the crit race Sunday, then a wicked hard gym workout and running Monday I had some flat legs. But, I get out to the Dirt Derby Tuesday night and I forget my legs are the least bit tired, well until lap 2.

The Night started with the 3/4 cross race I do for a warm-up and time on my cross bike. The course was extremely loose and I managed to wreck pretty hard in a 180 degree turn. The clay felt like concrete.

Then 30 minutes later I dust myself off, and head to the start of the flat track (velodrome) racing. A 3rd in the one lap sprint, and I won the 15 lap points race. There was a huge turn out and we had to run 3 heats, this was definitely the highlight of the night.

With a 20 minute break, my legs cooled off and started to feel the track racing. Never the less, with a great crowd of 40 or so in the open race and a new course I got going! I had about a 10 second gap for 2/3rds of the race. Then cross teammate Stew Stafford closed the gap and put about 10 seconds on me. I got really close with 1 lap to go, but a huge surge by Stew kept me in 2nd to the finish. Stew won, I got 2nd, and another Bike Sport Shop rider, Joey got third. 1,2,3, for the red & blue.

Here are 2 photos by Glennon Simmons. One is early in the open race, before the pain set in! The second is the Oakley velodrome points race.

I will be racing is Bryan/ College Station this week for the 4th TMBRA Fall series race.

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