Bryan the Town!

This past Sunday I traveled to Bryan/ College Station for the 4th stop of the TMBRA Fall Series.

After a sleep deprived night of camping( I forgot a cushion to put under sleeping bag ) I got up feeling still pretty fresh. At least energy wise. But, my legs were a bit worked from the long week of intense riding, running, etc. Then to add to that a long preride. I knew today was going to be a tough one.

John Larson and I headed into town to IHOP for a hearty breakfast, then to get some latte action with extra espresso. Then back to the camp to pack up…

To the start line, the gun goes off. I take the hole shot into the woods, and set a pretty high tempo in the squirrelly, twisty, and turny, trails. The trail was like a re run over and over.
After 1 long 14 mile lap I had Tristan Uhl, and Matt Gordon on my wheel. Everything was going good I had kept everyone close. Well….until Matt who has been training for La Ruta stage race took a pull. He set a blistering pace. Pop.. goes Tristan, and I am hanging on for dear life. Come On I keep telling myself, but my legs just aren’t having it. After hitting a tree I was about 10 seconds down, then I lost sight of Matt and He rode on to put a whipping on me and the field.

Congrats to Matt and good luck in a couple weeks down in La Ruta!

Here is a Photo from the race as I try to close the Gap up a levy climb. Photo
provided by Mike Brooks. http://Commiebiker.smugmug.com

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  • Mary

    Hi Bryan. You’re doing so well. I’m really proud of you! Just one thing, you might want to work on those flabby legs. Lay off the ding-dongs, k? 🙂

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