Last Night is why I am up typing this blog so late. After the Dirt Derby I am usually so pumped I can’t sleep leaving me up again tonight. This was the 3rd Dirt Derby of the year, and it was rocking. With steady changes every week the course is really starting to flow.

I got to the Derby just in time to make the first race. The 3/4 race, to get warmed up I ride in the race at tempo to get an extra 30 minutes on my cross bike.

After the warm-up I am ready for the best time of my night. The Oakley Velodrome races.
The first race was a missing out, where the last person each lap gets taken out. This race was a long one as there was a huge field. I won the final sprint over roommate Andrew Dalheim. His first night out it seems he might just have it dialed already. Then there was a points race I squeezed out the 2nd & 3rd sprint over Casey Crosby to have the most points. There were various other races and I did them all. What a Blast!

Then a small break and to the start of the Open Cyclocross Race. I had really good power the whole race and kept it rubber side down to the victory. I am really getting dialed on my new Serotta. This weekend will my first true test as I head to Dallas for the opening weekend of TXBRA cross racing.

Here is a photo of me in my new silver Oakley Radars setting tempo at the front to make sure I don’t get pulled. Photo provided by Glennon Simmons. For a gallery of the Derby go to
DirtDerby.com and scroll down to the sweet pick of the kid on the BMX bike ripping it!

Thanks for reading! Bryan

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