Off to a fast start, but rough start…

Things are going fast! With racing in full swing and the promotions firing on all cylinders there is not enough time in a day. Racing has landed me on a 3 week journey of UCI cross races. This past weekend leaves me tired and sore. With mass amounts of rain here in PA, the course was heavy with mud bogs that even a 4×4 truck would have a hard time navigating. With around 8 to 9 min laps and a full minute of off the bike time each lap, I have soreness that I can’t explain. The worst was a mud pit close to 100 yards in length of super thick 8” to a ft deep. Then had a climb after either way you hit it. Each day I was off to a great start, taking the front both days. Day 1 was UCI C2 and had a large powerful field. After a strong start I was cross chained standing out of a corner a dropped a chain that left me on my back and close to last. I battled back to 25th for the last money spot.

Pretty disappointed I look to day 2 for another crack at it. I again got to the front, but quickly settled into 3rd and 4th. For close to half the race staying in the top 5. Then the wheels came off as I was caught by a group of 8. Trying to keep the gap in the windy, muddy conditions to a minimum I settled for 11th on the day. I will give my Terra’s (my cross bikes) some serious love and get my Vittoria file treads ready for Vegas!

Time for an ice bath again..ouch. I will keep posting between each race. Schedule from here on out. Vegas-9/14, Baltimore 9/17-9/18, St. Louis 9/21, Wisconsin 9/24-9/25.

Check out this mess!  That is the T-town velodrome in the background to put it into perspective. Epic.


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