Opening Weekend!

This Past weekend I headed to D-town for the opening cross weekend in Texas.

With some serious pressure from friends to take over for Will Black as top dog in cross (since he left us for North Carolina). I saddled up Saturday for a fierce battle. The course was technical, fast, hard and had a bit of everything(probably one of my favorites). The first lap room mate Andrew led the field out to a fast pace, then I took over up a slight climb into the technical section. Mitch Comardo then threw in a huge attack on the 2nd lap. This put me in the hurt locker, but as soon as he let up I threw in a big attack and opened up a gap. For the next lap the gap was the same, and I worried that I went to hard. Then the next lap I had a opened the gap a little as I rode the step run-up to the cheers of the crowd. I went on for the win!

Sunday was a faster wide open course with two sets of barriers and some serious wind! I start the race with my legs a little tired, but wide open I go. Well until I lead the field over the climb into the single track then myself into a bush! I hit this bush doing 15 plus mph, it stop my bike, I flew off, and my chain came off! DAMN! I got up HR 200 or so as I put on my chain the field goes by. I Chased all 60 minutes to finish 2nd behind Mitch. Note to Jeff park and Mr. Williamson who gave me a battle for 2nd and 3rd.

Then last night was the 4th weekend of the Dirt Derby. With some rain we had a short course and some serious resistance. At 60 degrees I had my first sweep in the Oakley Velodrome races. Then held off a charging Stew Stafford in the open cross race for the win. Here are a couple pics from last night provided by Glennon Simmons photography.

This weekend I head to Ruston, La for a MTB stage race. Enjoy the cool weather! Bryan

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