TNX Results week 1- 9/27/11

First, I want to say thanks to everyone who came out and raced! Then a special thanks Dallas Bike Works and all the other sponsors who make these series happen. Another huge thanks is to everyone who helps set-up and clean-up. I am already looking forward to next week and what I can do with the course, as I see the reach of the lights and how the park races.  ***The biggest thing to note is next week we will be moving categories a bit. With the huge number of 4’s we are going to do the races like this with same schedule as time concerns

Same MTB races. 2/3* short track with *top 3’s winner prize bonus, followed by cat 1 short track.

Then for Cross. *Cat 4 only cyclocross, cat 3/4 cyclocross, cat 1/2/3 cyclocross. As always you can race up but not down. points will only count in class on license. Plate Colors: Green -4’s, Orange-3’s, 1/2’s white

So Results for short Track:

Short Track 2/3:  1) Derrick Sanders 2)Roger Prachyl 3)Wade Gaspeson 4)Chris Schaefer 5)Robert Quiroga 6) David Ness 7)Yuri Cook 8)Dandy Villaneva 9)Matt Malone 10)Dana Buret 11)Jacob Salossi 12)Adam Spears 13)Steve Thompson 14)Brent Aston 15)David Dudley 16)Scott Herrera

Short Track cat 1:  1) Shaun Bonivita 2)Steven Williams 3)Steve Dodge 4)Jeff Turner 5)Richard Quiroga 6) john Larson 7)Adam Miester

Cross 3/4: 1) Erik Kruse 2)Justin Juarez 3)Steve Thompson 4)Jonathan Roach 5) Wade Gaspeson 6)Jon Kieffer 7)Roger Prachyl  8) John Gillan 9) Robert Quiroga 10) Dave Parks

Cross 2/3: 1)Ryan Drumgoule 2)Shaun Bonivita 3) #58 4)Micheal Wilder 5)Derriek Sanders 6)Nicholas Garza 7)Jeff Turner 8)Steven Williams 9) Collin Roberson 10) Christina Smith

Cross 1: 1) Wiley Mosley 2) Ryan Drumgoule 3) Steve Dodge 4) Micheal Wilder 5)?

An Overall Scoring will be posted by next week.  See you next week!    Thanks, Bryan

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