Piney Hills Classic

This past weekend was my third year to attend the Piney Hills Classic put on by DLT events.
Every year this event grows, and is a great weekend for friends, family, and racing.
With the stage race format, everyone was pumped to do something new!

Saturday morning the short track kicked off the weekend. I honestly can say I had as much fun watching and cheering, as I did racing. This was a great course that made for exciting finishes.
My race was the last race of the short track. Go…To the front I pushed the pace over and over for the first few laps to try and break things up, but the long head wind section kept everything together. I attacked almost every lap through a berm section then up a short hill. A gap would open then everyone would sit up. The Last Lap, with 6 of us headed up the false flat, I waited for an attack. Nothing really happened, and 100 meters from the top of the course I attacked with Tristan Uhl on my wheel. He and I had a 2 up sprint that I won. It was a close race for third, but a wreck in the berm left it wide open….

The Time Trial later in the evening was definitely going to hurt after the short track effort. The TT was three miles: 2.5 of tight, fast single track and .5 miles of pin it! I had a great run going then had a mix up with a fellow racer when I tried to pass and got wrecked. DaMn! I was still able to put together a winning run. 11:06. Second was Tristan again at 11:20.

The XC race: This course was rocking! The park and DLT did some serious woek and it showed. The race was much less exciting than the course. I opened a gap of 30 seconds, than a minute. It stayed there for 2 laps as Noel Rueter was holding 2nd strong. I won the race 1:57 over noel in second, then a big gap of around 5 more to Andy Lee in third. Sean Sindt close behind him in 4th, and Tristan finishing 5th.

This was a great weekend. Thanks to all the volunteers, promoters, and sponsors. Can’t wait till next year.

Off to cross right NOW!!!!!

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