TNX Overalls

Short Track  cat 2/3 :

  1. 1st, 28pts Mark Rawlings.
  2. 2nd, 26pts Nick Torraca.
  3. 3rd, 25pts Dave parks.
  4. 4th, 22pts. Robert quiroga.
  5. 5th, 20pts Steve Allen.
  6. 6th, 16pts Taury Patterson.
  7. 7th, 15pts Jacob Salassi.
  8. 8th, 14pts Jacob Asay.
  9. 9-11th, 9pts. are Jake Boone, Chris Scheafer, Cy Armstrong

Short Track Cat 1:

  1. 1st, 31pts Shawn Bonivita.
  2. 2nd, 26pts Tim Cook.
  3. 3rd, 24pts Josh Clark.
  4. 4th, 22pts Zach Carlson.
  5.  5th, 15pts Ryan Droomgoole.
  6. 6th,  14pts Jeff Turner.
  7. 7th, 14pts Richard Quiroga.
  8. 8th, 13pts Steven Williams.
  9. 9th, 11pts Steve Dodge.
  10. 10th, 11pts Derrick Saunders. Tied with 9 pts Eric wallace and Michael Wilder.

CX Cat 4 Only:

  1. 1st, 34pts Jacob Salassi.
  2. 2nd, 32pts Steven Thompson.
  3. 3rd, 31pts Cy Armstrong.
  4. 4th, 20pts Steve Allen.
  5. 5th, 13pts Paul Genhoudt.
  6. 6th, 11pts Taury Patterson.
  7. 7th, 11pts Nick Torraca.
  8. 8th, 10 pts Adam Spear.
  9. 9th, 10pts Jacob Asay.
  10. 10th, 9pts Mark Moser.

CX Cat 3/4:

  1. 1st, 37pts Derrick Saunders.
  2. 2nd, 26pts Colin Roberson.
  3. 3rd, 22pts Jeff Turner.
  4. 4th, 18pts Stewart Erikson.
  5. 5th, 17pts Kelly Feike.
  6. 6th, 15pts Cole Kirkpatrick.
  7. 7th, 15pts Ian Morre.
  8. 8th, 14pts Mark Ashton.
  9. 9th, 14pts Richard Quiroga.
  10. 10th, 10pts Boyd Wallace

CX 1/2:

  1. 1st,36pts Steve Dodge.
  2. 2nd, 30 pts Wiley Mosley.
  3. 3rd, 28pts Tim Cook.
  4. 4th, 27pts Nick Garza.
  5. 5th, 24pts Matt Davis.
  6. 6th  13pts Art Exum.
  7. 7th, 13pts Ryan Droomgoole.
  8. 8th, 12pts Eric Warden

Thanks to all the sponsors and supporters of TNX!

Boulder Recap coming up. Thanks for reading



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