Series 1 TNX Overalls

Cat 2/3 MTB Short Track

  1. 41pts Nick Torraca
  2. 34pts Dave Parks
  3. 29pts Taury Patterson
  4. 28pts Mark Rawlings
  5. 26pts Jacob Salassi
  6. 24pts Steve Allen
  7. 22pts Robert Quiroga
  8. 18pts Roger Prachyl
  9. 14pts Jacob Asay

Cat 1 MTB Short Track

  1. 39pts Tim Cook
  2. 33pts Shawn Bonivita
  3. 30pts Ryan Droomgoole
  4. 24pts Steve Williams
  5. 24pts Josh Clark
  6. 22pts Zach Carlson
  7. 16pts Derrick Saunders
  8. 14pts Jeff Turner
  9. 14pts Richard Quiroga
  10. 9pts Stewart Ericson /Eric Warden

Cat 4 CX

  1. 47pts Steven Thompson
  2. 34pts Jacob Salassi
  3. 33pts Steve Allen
  4. 31pts Cy Armstrong
  5. 15pts Roger Prachyl
  6. 13pts Paul Genhoundt
  7. 11pts Carlos Blandon
  8. 11pts Tuary patterson
  9. 11pts Nick Torraca
  10. 10pts Eric Reisdorf

Cat 3 CX

  1. 44pts Derrick Saunders
  2. 41pts Collin Roberson
  3. 29pts Stewart Erickson
  4. 22pts Jeff Turner
  5. 17pts Kelly Feilke
  6. 16pts Nick Torraca
  7. 15pts Cole Kirkpatrick
  8. 15pts Ian Moore
  9. 15pts Mark Ashton
  10. 15pts Robert Quiroga/ Boyd Wallace

Cat 1/2 CX

  1. 45pts Wiley Mosley
  2. 43pts Steve Dodge
  3. 37pts Tim Cook
  4. 35pts Matt Davis
  5. 27pts Nick Garza
  6. 26pts Ryan Droomgoole
  7. 17pts Eric Warden

I want to give thanks to all who came out and raced hard. Then the huge thanks to all the sponsors who make this possible! Please support our sponsors…

See you next week starting series 2! Bryan

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