Johnson Branch 6 hr. & Miles of Discomfort!

The season is on the way. Most of the Country is doing camps and running from snow, here in Texas it’s already time to race! While trying not to go too hard in the races and get in the valued base miles, I was able to take 2 wins already this season. Both races I started nice and steady coming from behind to win. In the 6 hr at Johnson Branch my fastest lap was the last lap, lap 9 at 5: 45min finishing in 6hr 25min. Then in the 53 miles of epic hill country racing of the Miles of Discomfort, I caught the leaders at mile 32. Then had a good battle with Scott Henry(Scott Bikes) to only win by 3 seconds.

This week we have the Chainring Massacre. A 91+ mile epic gravel road event! It’s going to hurt….

Then next week the TMBRA season opener at Warda, TX . Last year came to at close battle with 4 racers altogether with 1 mile to go..I won in a sprint. This year I haven’t done any interval work yet…so well see, it could be tough to repeat.

Here is cool pic I found from a Transylvania Epic write up in cyclingnews.com. This was one of my favorite stages(Rocky Queen Stage). I’m sporting the Super-D Jersey from winning stage 5 of the 7 day stage race.  Good times!!!

Stay tuned for NEW News and sponsors…


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