Snowin, freezin, and racin in Trenton!

I got into Jersey Thursday Night to give my body an extra day to relax before Saturday came. So Friday I relaxed spun my legs out and watched some brain box. All courtesy of my friend Brian who live in North part of NJ. Let me just say in was like 30 -40 degrees!

So, Saturday came as we had 1hr 30 min drive to the race in the South part of NJ. The sun was out the course looked sweet! Fast, lots of turns, a wicked 70-80 meter sand pit, and the fly over! I watch Will Black, Brien, and some other east coast friends rip up the course. My turn, with my back row start I had nothing, but to move up. I had a good first 2 laps, but then blew up on the 3rd and fell back to just try and maintain any position I could. I stayed on the lead lap to finish 46th. Now frozen to the bone, I go and try to figure out my disappointing ride.

Sunday, I wake up and see the snow flurries coming down. Yeah, this is going to be fun!
Down in Trenton however, it had been raining and the course was getting sloppy. I made the most of the day racing for every spot. As my bike must have weighed 28 lbs caked with mud and sand. I couldn’t even use the lower gear in the rear they were so packed with mud. I just kept moving. I finished in 32nd.

So, now I have something to build on for Portland. So for now, I will go try to find some Turkey and do well this weekend in Houston.

Happy Turkey Day, Bryan

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