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It has been a few weeks since my last post. Sorry, haven’t had to much to write about.

Races in Houston were canceled 2 weeks ago because of flooding, then the Dirt Derby was canceled for 2 weeks. I guess I can start posting random stuff to keep in interesting.

Well, last week I went Portland, OR. A front was coming through and it was windy, cold, and of course wet! I had a great 2 weeks of preparation and felt good about the trip. Well the day before I left I got really sick overnight, pucking and staying in the bathroom. Later in the day I felt a bit better and figured it must have been food-poisoning, and I will be ok for this weekend.

I arrived at the hotel around 7 Friday night, and needless to say it wasn’t food-poisoning. I was holding down food, but couldn’t leave the bathroom for more than 10 minutes. I was totally bummed, I had my sponsor (Hill Abell) Bicycle Sport Shop giving awesome support here and I could barely leave the bathroom. I made the most of Saturday only making it 40 minutes into the race before I got pulled. Saturday night more of the same, bed/bathroom repeat!

Sunday, I took enough Imodium to stop-up a cow. This got me through the race from last row to 37th. Not to bad, all things considered.

So, What could have been? Great courses that were suited well for me and and an awesome city. None of which I saw or got to take advantage of. Needless to say, I have learned a lot this year and look forward to this trip next year.

Here is a photo from this weeks Dirt Derby provided by Mario Cantu. I am on my New 17lb Ti Serotta. This bike is amazing. I felt about 90% so hopefully I will be full strength by this weekend.

Thanks for Reading, Bryan

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