Base Camp!

I left for the East Coast Monday for my first base miles of the year and to visit family for the holiday. I left Monday around 1 and arrived Tuesday at 7:00am at Jeremiah Bishop’s house. With the time change, 17 hrs straight! Ouch!! \But, I made in time to take a 2 hr. nap, then off on 5 hrs on the road.

Since I am lacking base from all the crit and cross racing through the year, Jeremiah stressed me to keep it steady and NO SPRINTING!! As we rolled to the other side of town to meet with Nick Waite, and Andy Mckeegan. The four of us headed out. The smack talk started to he up, and so did the ride. By the end off the day I had burned all my matches and my legs were aching!

The next day was a valley spin for me as Jeremiah ripped back and fourth doing sprint work up and down the valley. Then yesterday the four of us meet up for another 5 hr epic with mountain passes, and some serious rollers all the way home. Again, my legs were left in shambles!

Today, JB and I headed to the local pump track and did some sweet NO Brake MTB riding. No brakes, no dabs. We had a tight battle. I won by one dab. I was pretty smoked from the past few days and cut the ride short. Tomorrow, will be the the last day here at the Bishop’s. I hope to finish with the Alpine loop. The name says it all!

Jeremiah is on unbelievable form and looks strong for the 2008 Olympic team. Nick is recovering fast and just got a TOC invite. He will be lighting it up getting ready for California. Andy Mac, this boy was the diesel putting it all out, he will have a good spring!

Next to WV, then to NC to my Grandmothers for another 4-5 day block. Till next Week!

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