WNX is coming!

I am as excited about this Wednesday as I was about the first time I raced cross…So many new things and opportunities for racers that seeing it all come together is truly exciting.

After looking way back…In 2008 when myself and Dallas Bike Works took on the first ever TNX series, with only a few brave racers and cross was barely a Texas thing… now, thanks in large part to Dallas Bike Works,  all the great sponsors and racers continue to help the sport grow bigger than ever in Dallas.

So it’s time for the next level of cross in Dallas!

This Wednesday!!  Look for an exciting course, great prizes, and the usual heckling along the way.


We have other exciting news: Clothing company: JAKROO is going to be doing WNX leaders Jersey for 6 and 12 week leaders!!!!! The top!

Then BELGIUM  BIKE (belgium distributor) is providing Morgan blue warm-up oil for people to try – gets you loose and protects the skin.

…and so much more cool begium stuff to come.

Old school!

One more..


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