New Year/ Year’s End

Sorry for the Delay. I finished off my visit east and headed back to Texas to finish off my year in the Big- D!

After a sweet 4 hr mtb ride New Year’s Eve with friends. Hitting one of my personal favorites, the Boulder trail. Then I headed back into town to watch the Redskins beat Dallas! To the playoffs, go Skins! Then came New Year’s for a long night of fun and Dancing.

Now, back to work as I prepare for the last two weeks of Texas cross while trying to balance some big rides for base. I headed down to Bicycle Sport Shop to check with Mike as he dials in my bikes. I feel sore today, and a bit nervous for the weekend. I have to win 3 of the next 4 races to take the Texas Cup Jersey. I am headed to Houston this weekend to battle with Mitch and Company.

As it is the end of the year, I want to THANK all of my sponsors and supporters for the continuous motivation and support. Every year I continue to make improvements and progress in the sport of cycling. Getting Results only possible with the support of everyone! Thank you!

Here are few shots from my favorite races this year: Courtesy of Commiebiker & Glennon Simmons.

Happy New Year! Bryan

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