WNX Week One Recap and Results

First I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who came out and all the help setting up and cleaning up!   The first week is done and now I know a bit more about the venue.

Results are posted on USAC so you can get your upgrades!

Every week will continue to get better: Week 1 was great, lots of smiling faces and lots there will be a lot more to come

…Hecklers hill was a blast!

…and DJ Homes had us going all night!


* I will have 2 light towers (and the parking lights will come on earlier). =bigger course, no darkness.

* The start finish will be longer and course will be more open to help with early lap congestion.

* Many other little tweaks that will ensure a good time!

* We will have free Red Bull or crazy water.


I need a 1-2 minute video of some WNX racing and winner will receive one of the Redbull OGIO NEWT packs + other goodies

Also, please pick up primes & prizes each night.

Thanks and see you next week.


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