Week 3 of WNX see if you can impress!

Lots of things going on at WNX week 3…

First off: Three pro tour cyclists from RadioShack Nissan Trek – Markel Irizar, Tiago Machado and Jens Voigt! – will be at WNX this week. They are making a very brief visit to north Texas for sponsor work and wanted to see what grassroots Texas cx racing looks like. Barring any travel issues, they should be watching – not racing – from 630 pm to 8 pm. Come out and show them your skills or just say hello. No plans for formal autograph session at this point. We’ll keep it casual and see how it goes.

Next up: The overall points will start to take shape as week 3 comes in and battles for leaders jerseys will get heated! (we willl award first leaders at 6 weeks) Also, No pre-riding during cat 4 race! Only cat 4’s on the course. As well as no cat 1′ or cat 3 cyclocross) in 2/3 short track. This is to keep it easier for officals. Thanks

Others: We will have some sidewalk ramps to take edge of sidewalk. Course will take on more changes, as I learn the venue they will continue to evolve and help people prep for upcoming races. *Please use red cups and don’t leave any trash at the park! They are great for letting use this venue, and I hope to not have to pick up trash this week.*

This weekend  we will have races in San Antonio for txbra points and up north in Tulsa for the Ruts and Guts 3 day event! crazy money for all categories! I will try to duplicate a section from each. Lots of primes and prizes! Don’t forget to pick them up espically the luck ones that win the RedBull Ogio Bags!!!!

Thanks again to all the great sponsors..please support them! Then all our racers who dig deep, week to week!

See you tomorrow, Bryan

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