Week 5 & Jakroo Leaders Jersey’s are here!

**Please bring number plates!!!!**

After a week off and all the candy you have been eating. We have another exciting course an lots of challenges to work all that good stuff off.

That’s right, Jakroo overall leaders jersey’s will handed out this week to wear for series leaders. The holder at end of series keeps it! If you get upgraded out of top 3 positions overall( come see me for special prize).

A reminder please check and pick up pick up primes as they will not be saved for following week.

Again, **Please bring your number plates!!!**

Source Endurance will be adding some green bills to the ease the pain on the run-up this week!

Please pre-register for Cross Giving Cyclocross Races and or 5K:

Another ramp will be added, as it seemed to be a hit last week.

As always please support our sponsors and thanks for racing!

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