WNX Week 6

Good Stuff, good times, and lots of local racing! Come out and get tuned up for the next 2 weekends of great racing.

This week we will have a course set-ups similar to Fort-worth as I can remember. Run-ups and flowy turns as well as the typical touches to keep you on your toes!

Then next week we Will be racing on Wednesday and will have a close look at sections of the Cross Giving Event lay out. Including the Raleigh Run-Up STAVA section! With major prizes on the line.  Food vendors and other cool stuff to come for next week also.

Bring Your Number plates! Bring your leaders jersey! Well… and your legs!

Also, please pre-reg for Cross Giving https://www.bikereg.com/NET/17647/Cross-Giving-Cyclocross-Race

Thank you for racing, Bryan


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