Epic in Tiger Camp!

Today was the 7th day here at Tiger Camp in South Carolina. I hit 30 hrs for 6 days of riding. Yeah, 30 hrs. it’s my biggest week ever, but that not the sick part. The sick part is the rides we are doing.

2 Days ago we did Z’s Torture Loop. A 45 mile MTB ride ALL Trail with 7000+ feet of climbing. Ouch! Since Z was on a single speed(wow) and Jeremiah was in 1 gear, I decided I wouldn’t leave my big ring of 42 teeth. Lots of bar-end climbing out of the saddle. This was 5 hrs of awesome single track and was well worth the pain. As the after ride festivities BBQ of burgers, chili, brauts, and other tasty treats was great.

As I was having a beverage I said to Jeremiah we should hit the mountains tomorrow. I had a climbing loop I new I really shouldn’t do, but always wanted to hit. So of course the climbing specialist was ready to go. The next morning Scott our host took us to the base of the mountains to shorten the ride to a reasonable time. I started off a bit spirited going a bit hard a payed dearly as Jeremiah treated the first 35 miles a time trail up hill. After the continental divide climb, we headed up the treacherous 215 climb. 1hr. 15 min later I got to the top 5340feet!!!!
I felt like a truck ran over man legs! But, after chasing cars down the decent, and a stop for goodies at the store I got my second wind. As we rolled our way back home. 95 miles and 10 grand in climbing later I was toast!

Check out jeremiahbishop.com for another version of Tiger camp and some cool pics of the great views from high on the mountains.

Today was a tough rolling road ride through valleys and wind. I will take a rest day and the hit it for 3 more days of pain. Talk to you then. Bryan

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