Camp Complete! First of 08…..

I headed back to Texas early last week after wrapping up Tiger Camp. This was my first year to do the Tiger Camp, I have always heard rumors, pain, and stories from this place. So of course it was only fitting that I join in.

I met Jeremiah and his wife Erin ( master chef of the first week) in Clemson, SC. The camp started off huge and the meals were the same. For the first week I ate so many awesome meals from chef Erin that I didn’t lose a pound.

After the first week and a couple days down the camp zoomed back up to speed. As Jeremiah and I did a 2 up battle every day against the elements. Epic, painful, suffering, my legs were trashed! In 12 days, 9 days of riding I hit 43 hrs. Definitely, my biggest block to date.

NOW, I am back in Austin and just finished my first road race of 08. Tiger Camp was already kicking in. I have great legs, but my snap isn’t quit there yet. So I played work horse. The team missed the move in the crit, but we took 4th, and 5th in the field sprint. The next day was a close to 90 mile road race w/ 3 laps. A sick 8 mile section every lap kept it fun, not to mention the mile climb to the finish every lap. With the uphill finish I worked all day to keep Andrew and Tristan our best uphill finishers out of the mix. So I would go off the front and make others chase. Or sit on the front going hard enough to keep anyone from attacking. It is safe to say I am felling strong and can’t wait to later this year. We had Dan Opdyke finish 2nd, Tristan and Andrew had good rides finishing 7th, and 8th.

UP NEXT, I am headed to Terlingua way out west Texas for a 100k MTB race. The past 2 years I had great rides only to finish ok after battling dehydration. Hopefully this year will go better. With a stacked field it is going to be a fun one!

Off to test my Terlingua set-up. Till next week, Bryan

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