Hittin It!

There has been some serious miles thrown down so far this year. After a week of recovery after the huge block on the east coast I continued to slog in some hrs. I have been getting around 20 hrs a week with races, definitely due for another recovery week soon.

I have had great legs despite not doing any interval work yet. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this year.

So I have hit 2 weekends of road and 1 mt bike race in the past 3 weeks. While the team hasn’t taken advantage of the road yet the TX TOUGH/ Hotel San Jose team is transforming as one and will soon be back on top! We all are working hard and moving into a team house together. Should make for great team work later.

While the Mas O Menos Mt bike race went well I didn’t pull of the W. I did however control the race only to come up short bonking with just a few miles to go. From 1st to third. Losing to Jason Sager and Evan Plews both of Portland, OR. After a night at the bomb fire I forgot all about the hard loss.

This weekend I will be hitting a road/ mt. combo for a serious challenge. I will have pics and a good story next week. Till then, Bryan

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