Gravel Time!

16413_10151712099592892_1664024576_n404901_10151712099272892_832984916_n858849_10151712164877892_382424267_oAnother great SPINISTRY event! This time it was loads of gravel and a wicked fun time on wade road with epic chucks of gravel flying over my head with Chris Carlson putting the hurt on everyone! Thanks to Kevin and Volunteers for the hard work and continuing to give use great routes! Late in the race my teammate on Giant Factory South Adam Koble took advantage of Carlson stretching out the field as I hit it hard for minutes after to keep and chasers away. Left me, Adam, and younger/son Zach Carlson. Zach road strong but 2 on 1 we were able to go 1/2 on the day with Carlson’s 3 and 4. My TCX carbon cross machine with Vittoria cross XN Tires was smooth and fast!


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