Lago to Bar-H!

The Past weekend was a challenge that not only put my legs to test, but my versatility. I had planned to Race Lago Vista Day 1( 80 mile road circuit race), then drive 5 hrs North to Bar-H Ranch to race( 25 or so mile MTB race).

After a crazy Friday night, I’m not talking about out on the town! I unfortunately had to pick up my teammate Andrew Dalheim from the hospital after hitting a dear @ 35 MPH. He came out hobblin like Spiegel from the Lord of the Rings. But, now is almost ready to ride. I think he said maybe by Monday.

The next morning I wake up and Hop A LONG ( Andrews new nickname) Drove out to Lago Vista. After a team meeting the race was on the way. I had to be patient! I had good legs and had to wait for the right moment. Team Mate Brian Sheedy with constant reminder WAIT! The Race slowly feel apart down to 30 then 20 in the lead group. We had 4 of 20. Tyler Jewell, Sheedy, Surfer, and myself. Then the attacks came down to 12 riders and 3 to go. I still had Tyler until the last lap. Then I found myslf alone and nobody willing to help me chase back an escaped Matt Ankey, and Steve Tilford. Then Scott Veggieburg slipped of the front. I guess I would be sprinting for 4th. As we rolled down the finishing hill I waited to jump last up the steep finishing hill to grab 4th.

After a quick wrap up/ shower/ and recovery drink. I was on the road, and headed north of Fort Worth where Toby and Christina Smith were hosting a huge group to great food and shelter. After a quick night of sleep, definitely to short! I prepared for the MTB race. I was sore, tired, and my bike felt weird. After a good warm-up I started to feel a little better. With a stacked field and tired legs, I was Nervous.

The Gun goes off, Raymond Hall leads it out. I was second wheel, then Helmig, then Henry. I attacked up a 5 min. rolling climb. It was Raymond who was glued to my wheel He and I opened a gap over the rest. For 2 laps we battled back and forth. Going into the last lap, I attacked into a head wind( oh yeah it’s was humid 95% and 30 mph winds) opening a small gap and kept the pressure on. I slowly built a comfortable gap to 2.5 min. Then Raymond came in 2nd, Helmig a close 3rd, and Nathan Winkleman closing strong for 4th.

It was tough, painful, but definitely worth the extra effort. As I called the team to let them know of the victory, then a second dose of bad news came. Tyler Jewell hit a dear while racing Sunday. He is up and moving, but will definitely have some time down. TO SPEEDY RECOVERY TO BOTH MY TEAMMATES!!!! To everyone else keep your head up and keep the rubber side down.

Thanks for reading, Bryan

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