Waco Wonderland!

On Sunday was the Bicycles Outback Blowout. A great name for a great course that leaves your legs blown out! This Course in Cameron Park wasn’t the toughest I’ve races there, but never the less I am always completely trashed afterwards. With around 860 feet of climbing a lap and a super sweet single track you can’t relax for a second.

I’m not going to lie. I was tired at the start of this race. With SXSW festival going on last week, and getting a bit lost on a mtb spin Friday that turned into 3 hrs. in 95 degrees and only one bottle of water. I felt a bit empty. Then on the pre ride Saturday I felt OK and was getting the flow of the course. But when I woke up Sunday I felt like crap.

After a big breakfast we headed to the course. It is great the way they have everything set up. It made the race feel more like a big race venue and people where every where. After chatting it up, cheering some of my sport friends on a tough climb, and a warm-up it was time to race. With a short pavement loop that shot into tight single track the start of the race was very important.

The gun goes off, Trek/ VW guys Raymond Hall, Matt Gordon, Scott Henry followed by Local Matt Googe lead out around the pavement. We are flying, I am geared out. As we near the single track I I stand up and came around to get into dirt first. I set the pace super high, pushing it out of every corner, up every hill. Raymond sitting tough on my wheel with a small chase group of Matt, Matt, and Scott. I attack going into a tight section and get a small gap over Raymond, then attack again on a tough climb near the end of lap 1. I go through start with 45 seconds over Raymond. Then Matt and Matt just 15 seconds behind him. Scott flatted.

I was nervous, my legs didn’t feel to hot. Raymond looked strong and I know local Matt Googe is a strong closer after 2 years ago he caught me on the last lap here. I kept it steady. Trying to keep the pace high, but not over shoot any corners. Going into the last lap I extended my lead to 1 min or so. Keep it together I said to myself as I was hitting a lot of lap traffic, then hit a tree with my shoulder taking a little dirt sample. As the battle grew behind me, I extended my lead to win my first time in Cameron Park. Raymond held on for 2nd, Matt Gordon was 3rd, Matt Googe 4th, and Billy kurtz 5th.

It was a great race, with great organization. Thanks to all who made it possible. I have off weekend, then out to Cali and Arizona for the first 2 National Races. Have a great Easter!

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