A whole lot to Follow!

It’s been more than a month since the last post. In every day I have found opportunity, results, and a little extra motivation.

My training has been average to better than average considering the amount of traveling going on. I went to California for NMBS #1 a month ago. Getting 3rd in Super-D, and 18th in Short track.
The following week to NMBS #2 in Arizona. Finishing 20th overall in the stage race of 90+ riders.
Then I had a week back in Texas before getting on a plane out to Sea Otter. After 3 long days of catching up with sponsors and some sweet racing! The courses were great, but my legs felt hollow!

I managed to get 4th in the Super-D for a solid result.

Back to Texas for a TMBRA race at Comfort. The course was in awesome shape, and as always is one of the tougher courses in Texas. On my new ORBEA OIZ a 26 wheel full suspension. I had a strong ride over the technical rocks to take the victory over another Orbea rider in second, Billy Kurtz. Then Scott Henry in 3rd, Mitch Comardo with a strong 4th, Raymond Hall for 5th.

Now I have been preparing for another TMBRA race this weekend in Houston, then will head up to Joe Martin Stage race for 4 days of tough racing.

Sorry No pics, Mike was not at comfort.

More Details soon. Enjoy the weather….heat on the way!

Thanks for reading, Bryan

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  • Aunt Terry

    Hi Bryan,
    Way to go kid! Here is a link to a website for you to look at. This guy is an ultra marathoner and is a vegan. I thought you may be interested in investigating him further and what he has to say about the myths surrounding being a vegan and being a top athlete.
    Keep up the good work.
    Love, hugs and kisses,
    Aunt Terry

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