Racing, Racin, Raced! To another Jersey!

Over the past few weeks I have traveled every weekend. I hit 2 mountain bike races and a stage race on the road. On top of the racing, travel, and training. I have been putting in part time hrs. at Dallas Bike Works. I forgot how hard being on your feet is.

Well the big news for this blog is the Texas State XC Championship this past week that I WON> This will be my 4th state championship jersey. Definitely the hardest one to win. It’s not a one race deal. It takes an entire series, 3 months. I finished it last week by winning in Eldorado, TX. 5 hrs away. I sealed the deal on a super technical course that my Orbea OIZ ripped over. I won 5 of 6 races and one third for the series title. I have great pics in blue from a preride, and the race in my TX Tough Jersey. Courtesy of KARMABIKE. Also, congrats to Raymond Hall and Matt Gordon for taking 2nd and 3rd in the series, both flying the red Trek Colors.

In the week between the mt. bike races I hit the Joe Martin stage race. 3 tough days, and an uphill time trial. The time trial stated everything off. After a bad climb I was put into a working seat to support Carlos and Tristan who both were in top 10 GC. As the weekend past, I worked hard to keep races together for our GC men who are both also great sprinters. Carlos rode like an animal soloing 20 miles on the 3rd stage and putting us in the hunt for the overall. The crit was last. Again things played out well and a split formed putting 8 up the road. Carlos won the overall. Tristan finished top 10, and everyone rode well.

This weekend is the big STATE Crit Championship on Memorial Day. First, we will race tom. and sunday in a couple tuner up crits and hopefully have a chance at some wins.

Thanks to everyone who waits around for my blogs, my new site will be up soon. Also, thanks to all my sponsors who helped me achieve another title and continue to work toward my goals.

Ride hard and enjoy the long weekend! Bryan

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