Cross Season!

It’s that time of year! The night falls earlier every day, and the nights get cooler and then almost cold. Oh yeah, it’s cross weather!

Did my first cross race of the year( Lonestarcyclocross.com ) race #1. Was a great balance of speed and skill that flowed perfect! Jeff Park gave more pressure than I wanted for the first 5 laps and after getting a small gap through the sand I held it to the end. Kevin Koen came back from a early mechanical to fill the final podium spot. This is going to be a great cross season as new faces will appear.

The next morning was the state road race, after being postponed from the hurricane weeks earlier. This was going to be a tough, rolling 86 miles. The race was furious from the start. Attack after attack, there always seemed to be the super squadra team controlling the race. Late in the race there were 2 riders up the road digging deep. With 1:15 gap and 10 miles to go. The field was splitting over and over. Down to 5 miles they were right there, I attacked trying to get the field motivated. The field now from 40 to only about 15 riders left, the gap was maybe 20 sec. with 2 miles to go. Nobody goes. Guess were sprinting for third today. This is one of the hardest finishes I have done. A big roller than 150 meters to go. I tried to wait as long as possible to jump. A little to late as finished 3rd in the field sprint. After 4th was relegated to 7th for crossing the yellow at 300 meters I was now in 4th. I would have been stoked for 5th. Sorry to Scott Henry who should of been 4th. Wheeler of Super Squadra Won, Korinth was 2nd, Phil was 3rd also of super squadra. That wraps up the road season!

On another note, In the last month or so: I won Downer’s Grove cat 2 Nat. crit, Won 2 regional mtb races, had a strong ride at HHH in a break for 98 of 100 miles, and starting a weekly cross series in Dallas that will hopefully spur up cross lovers in DFW.

Pics: One is in the HHH crit, the other is the Dirt Derby run-up under the lights!

Run through the sand and keep chain clean! Thanks for reading, Bryan

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