Dusting is referring to me opening my computer and getting the dust off the keyboard. I have my first weekend off in quite some time, and want to reflect on all the racing in the past month.

I finished the lonestar cyclocross series put on by Pirate Race Productions. Winning 4or 4 that I raced of the 5 race series was enough to win the overall series Jersey. Stack put on awesome events! Go to dirtderby.com to check out all the action.

After finishing the series Saturday, I headed to Smithville, Tx where the rumors were true! I had an awesome opportunity to race against one of greatest cyclist ever Lance(7 time) Armstrong. From the start I got the holeshot and after 2 miles it was me, Lance, and Scott Henry in the lead group. I attacked on the only downhill into the finish at the end of the first lap. I got a gap of maybe 10 seconds, but I looked back and Lance looked as if he was on a 250cc dirt bike flying right up to my wheel. As we started the 2nd lap Lance let me lead and as we topped Fat Chucks( a loose climb) he attacked. Ouch! I was feeling the cross race at this point! Scott goes by and responds to Lances attack. It takes 3 miles of single track to get back to the lead group, but as soon as I do we hit the next fire road and that was it for me. Damage control. Lance rides off, out of sight he rides to victory alone for the next 1.5 laps. Scott rode strong to second, and I rode in for third. Enough for the Fall series overall victory. Despite what I’ve heard, Lance was friendly, and fun to race with. An opportunity I never thought I would have.

24 HRS. What was I thinking… Well honestly, I had an awesome experience in my first attempt to race 24hrs. I was riding possibly the best I have ever ridden. I made it 12 hrs and 17 laps. before knee tendentious flared up and I couldn’t pedal anymore. Not sure what caused it, but I am still battling the aftermath. But, for 16 of the 17 laps my lap time were almost identical, I felt like a machine. The 17th lap I had to walk the uphills so it threw off that lap time. I tried a few times to ride again, but my knee was toast. Thanks to John Kendall and support crew. I had everything I needed to win the race. I will give it another run again!

Last weekend I wasn’t sure if I should race, but I gave it a try. While nursing my knee a bit, My old roommate Andrew Dahlheim came out to make sure I would have to work for a win. He was flying and went wheel to wheel both days of racing. I got him on Saturday by 10 seconds on the last lap. Then on Sunday he made me pay on a hilly course to beat me in a sprint by a few feet. Congrats to Andrew on his signing a pro contract a will go to Italy in Feb.

The last thing, and the most rewarding is the TNX. Tuesday Night Cross the Myself and Dallas Bike Works have been putting on every Tuesday Night under the lights. Go to dallasbikeworks.com to check out the flyer. It is awesome putting together this event. Watching people smile, suffer, and get dirty on occasion. We have awesome sponsors that allow us to have tons of primes and prizes. We have also raise almost 400 dollars for Childrens Medical Center.

Look for a link to donate and our own coffee blend Off The Front coming soon!

Happy Holidays! Bryan

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