2 Days of States

2 weeks ago we had the finish of the cross season. On Saturday was the Age-based state cross race, where your grouped into age brackets and category doesn’t matter. My age group was 23-34. I noticed a couple unfamiliar faces in the crowd. A University of Nevada Jersey(Cody Duane) and a rider from Oklahoma(Adam Mills). Let me tell you about this course. Fast, loose turns, windy, the longest sand pit ever, and lots of heat! All this and Cody Duane made this day hurt. I got off to a great start and opened a nice gap. After 4 laps I was already feeling it. I was still opening a gap except on 1 rider( Cody) By lap 5 with his sand sprinting he had caught me. I mean sprinting through the sand, as I barely jogged through it. It took all I had to close a gap he opened the next time through the sand. We were together with 2 to go…. I had to be very tactical, sprinting by right before the sand to slow him down in the sand. On the last lap again as I sprint to the sand, this time all I have just to keep him from running me over. I knew if I had the lead coming out of the sand I could hold him off, and I did. Coming out of the sand, I pinned it! All I had to open a 5 sec. gap that I held to the line. Adam finished 3rd. This was a great, well thought out course that hurt every second.

The next day was the skill-based State Championships. Rob Kane and crowd really went all out for this one! Check out you-tube videos(2009 Texas skill based championship). The course was fast, technical, and really flowed! Definitely in my top 5 ever. We had a huge field for this one. A fresh Stephan Rothe, Cody, Adam, and 35+ Champ Jeff park looked to be the contenders. From the start I grabbed the hole shot with Jeff on my wheel. Stephan, Adam, Cody all close behind. I had a big advantage being able to ride the run-up of steep loose dirt, and the technical dirt sections allowed me to open 5 seconds a lap. The race behind was super tight. Cody held on to 2nd, Adam 3rd, Jeff 4th, Stephan 5th all within 15 sec or so.

Thanks to all who made this cross season possible for many great races and crowds!

I have to head out for a ride, 6hr. write up later, Bryan

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