Mas O Menos

Every year Texas mountain biking starts for most in the Desert @ the Mas O Menos 100K near Terlingua, TX. This fast, fun course outlined by the beautiful high desert mountains. Then highlighted by the Tres Cuevas a 20 min climb that really tests your will power on the 2nd lap of the 31 mile lap. Made extra rough by the heavy rain storms earlier in the year, then add the unseasonable heat, this was going to be tough!

It seemed every morning started at Kathy’s Kosmic Cafe. A pink bus that served up some great coffee and food! Then out to the race for the pain to start. As we were lead out by Austin bike zoo
snake(check out desertsportstx.com ) for all the cool pics! I did my usual attack from the gun, immedialtly sprinting up the first hill and down the dusty fire road to the single track. As we entered the single track I was joined by Scott Henry with JT Cody and Travis Brown close behind. I attacked again opening up a gap. This single track! You can’t help but smile, it rips, flows…etc. It’s hard not to keep the throttle on…the faster you go the better the flow! After about 15 miles I was holding a small gap on Scott and about 30 sec. to the other 2. I slowed at the top of small hill following this 300 meter sand section that felt like you were in quick sand. I yelled to Scott lets go, as I could see JT and Travis in the distance. I hit it on the false flat climbs to open a gap again. I really needed Scott for the windy section into the climb, but took a chance and went for it. I just kept it pegged all the way to the base of the climb, hit a Gel and big drink of water and pegged it again for the $100 dollars waiting at the top of the climb from New Revolution Cycles. At this point they said there was nobody in sight so I figured I had around 2 minutes. So I rode smart all the way back to the start/ finish to start the next lap. About 6 miles into the 2nd lap I cut my rear tire on a sharp rock and battled it all the way to the finish. It would seal, unseal 4-5miles later, loose air, again and again. Thankfully I had 2 Co2’s that got me around the course to the finish. Finally took this one home on the 3rd try. I was so stoked. Jt Cody came in 2nd, and Sean Sindt rounded out the podium with awesome start to his season. This desert always takes it out of you. Dehydrated and hot I was ready for the firy night to be here, and it came! After some good pizza, we arrived to the beats of the band and the fire big as ever! The night was fun!

One last stop at the pink bus in the morning before the long drive home!

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