Matrix and so on….

The past month has flew by! After the Ouachita Challenge I was a bit worked, but instead of taking a week off, I did the Fiesta Grand Stage race which left me flat for the next 2 weeks. The only thing holding me together was all the hard work I have been doing at the CTC (Competitive Training Center ) the past 2 months. After a week of recovery came the Matrix Crits. 2 days of 90 minute figure 8 crits that will leave your legs worked. On the 2nd day I was finally starting to get some snap in my legs and was able to stay near the front of the race. At about minute 50 the guy in front of me rolls his tubular and hits the ground. I try to ride it out into the hay bales and go for a yard sail over them. Somehow, I managed to stay in one piece and a lap later get back into the race. The race had split and after 20 minutes of all-out I got back to the front as the race came back together with 15 minutes to go. I just tried to stay near the front and save any energy for the final sprint which actually happens up the backside of the course before turns 7 & 8. Since from turn 8 there is only 150 meters to go. I pinned it with a lap to go sitting 5th wheel and through the turn 6 the sprint started, I waited till about half -way up the windy stretch and hit it just getting through turn 7 in 1st allllll outtttt. I was there 100 meters come-on and I got it! Park Place took it’s 2nd win of the day. Jorge Merle won the 40+ earlier in the day. There is a cool youtube video type in: matrix 2009 bike race.

The following week I did a road race sat and mtb race Sunday. My legs were flat again! Anyway, Kevin K. won the road race, and Jason Sager should up to give a clinic at the big-ring challenge for the win. Then off to Joe Martin for 4 days of tough racing. The hill climb tt started off bad as our GC guy had a bad run and we had nobody within 45 sec of the GC. However, we went big and on the 2nd road race Virginia Park Place rider Andy McKeegan got us a podium with a good move to a late break for 3rd. I got 2nd in the field sprint for 6th. The next day was a tough crit with a steep hill that left most of the field watching. In 6th wheel with a 1/2 lap to go a guy in front of me clips a pedal and lays it across the road. Here we go…. as I ride over top of the guy and do a flip to come out with only a few stratchs. Well that wraps it up…. a little bad luck seems to be the trend. Hopefully, I can change that this weekend with 2 crits in Houston. The pics are provided by Mike Brooks @ Commiebiker. Time for new Tegaderm….

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