2011- In the Beginning…

After much reluctance to start blogging and updating again. Its time…

With lots of great things to report I am not sure where to begin. I guess I could start with a quick wrap up from last year. However, that will have to wait till later. It was successful, hard, and lead to great things now!

2011 started off with signing a contract for ORBEA USA. A company I have formed a relationship with over the past few years. A company made up of lots of great people with desire and passion for all things bike and much more.  Giving me an opportunity to race with meaning and pursue dreams that can only be done with a great support.

To start preparation for the 2011 season I contacted my friend and awesome coach. Not to mention one of best mtn bikers in the world. Jeremiah Bishop! From guidance, training, and motivation this guy is 2nd to none. Look for training files and other neat stuff from Jeremiah at jeremiahbishop.com

The next step has been one of the best training experiences. For the past 2 months I have been working with Stephen Crawford and Power Play Fitness. This gym knows its stuff. The entire staff are top trainer and friendly people. Stephen has been pushing me every session. Working on functional lifting to help with cycling weakness, position, and muscle imbalances.

So here I am 2 months later. Notable results from races I am training through. I have 3 Wins and 1-2nd so far on the mtn. bike. With a  4th in a crit and 6th in a road event. The most recent is the opening weekend of the TMBRA Spring Series in Warda, TX. This was a fast, and I mean fast event mtn bike race. 13.9mph average I think. With record turn out 716 racers!, the energy was in the air. With over 30 riders in the pro/open race it was a scramble to the woods. After battling wheel to wheel for almost the entire race I squeezed out the win over Tristan Uhl(2nd-Austin Tri Cycles), and Kevin Fish a 1st year pro(3rd-Bicycle SportShop). This was an exciting opener, I look forward to seeing how we stack up next week in Bonelli Park, California for the opening US Pro XCT race.

Here are some pics to check out:

I look forward to an exciting year and will keep you updated.

Thanks to all my sponsors, without them this would not be possible: Orbea and Orbea USA, Viviongroup, Mavic, Mavic Shoes and Tires, Dallas Bike Works, Rol Wheels, Power Play fitness, Sram, ESI grips, crazy water, Oakley, and all the people involved who cheer and encourage me week to week! THANK YOU!

3 comments to 2011- In the Beginning…

  • David Foote

    Bryan! Congratulations bro! Very excited to hear about your new sponsorship. You definitely deserve it. If you ever make it to north Alabama please let me know. Not sure how big the mtn bike races are here (there are some great courses tho here in the mountains of north Alabama!) but there is an NRC crit in Anniston, Al which is pretty close by. Take care buddy, and good luck this season! Tear it up!

  • Hi Bryan! good to see you are getting great results. Are you going to be on the startline in Mongolia in August?

    • Bryan

      Hi Daniel,

      Happy to see you doing well. It doesn’t look as if I am going to make it. Seems great, just not sure it’s possible at this point. Hope to see you around. Bryan

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