DORBA 6 hrs at Northshore

Lets go back 12 days ago to a  really early morning. I am out of bed at 5a.m. Trying to eat a solid breakfast and get to the race early enough to get my pit set-up and not have to rush around to much. Well.. it never fails I am rushing, though I did have enough time to stop and get coffee. The race starts in 10 minutes, I am setting up my bottles and food so I do not really have stop between laps. The laps: close to 11 miles of sweet single track. It flows with fun sandy corners, jumps, berms, multi-line sections, and lots of pedaling! The race starts with a le-mans start which is crazy, trying to find your bike hoping nobody steps on it before u get to it. Once the race is on the way I find myself chasing a bit, with Lucas Brusseau and Wiley Mosley pushing the pace at the front. I work my way through the riders and finally bridge a minute gap to the leaders. Trying to hold back and keep heart rate down( coach orders) is pretty tough when this trail is built for speed. I yo-yo back a forth until lap 4 when we all start to ride together. Wiley gets a flat while Lucas is putting in a acceleration and we chase through lap traffic. The next laps are getting tough and on lap 5 I put in a small acceleration through a rough section and get a small gap and keep it a tempo.   Starting lap 6 I had a minute gap, then lap 7 a had a few minutes. Keep in mind these are rough guesses and I am really tired and hopping this will be my last lap. Well finishing my 7th i still had 8 minutes on the clock before the 6 hr mark…do I wait see if he makes it, or is even going out for 8? I just went for it lap 8 here we go… 6hrs 40 something minutes= 8 laps or 88 miles of pain is enough for 1st place. Makes it 3 for 3 in the DORBA 6 hr endurance series. Lucas Brusseau held on for 2nd and Jeff Turner put on a late charge to grab a 4 way battle for 3rd place. Thanks to DORBA and its sponsors for putting on another great series! Check out some great pics from commiebiker.com  I am riding my new White Alma 29er. Sub 22 lbs makes these race seem a lot more fun!  Next blog up will be the US Pro XCT #1

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