US Pro XCT #1

All packed and loaded I start the long drive to Bonelli Park, near San Dimas, California. It the 1st of 6 UCI mountain bike weekends this year that serve as a stepping stone toward the long team for the Olympics in 2012. It also serves as the National Series, which basically puts all the best mountain bikers in the country in one place to see who’s the best. Most of the weekends will have a Cross Country race, Super-D race, and a Short Track race. I took Zach Carlsons and Tristan Uhl’s bike with me. Tristan also a pro, and Zach 15 will be racing the junior category. Another Texas rider was Kevin Fish who made it out. He is a first year pro with lots of potential. First up the XC race, with straight up climbs(400+ feet of climbing per 3 mile lap) and tight single track downhills this was going to be a tough day! As it was, after 2 good laps I was hanging on for the rest of the race. Finishing 51st of 90. Tristan was 37th, and Kevin lead the way in 31st. Next up was the SUPER-D! well this was more like a time-trial than a downhill, but I rode all out for a 6th place! missing the podium by 2 seconds…Tristan had a great ride also getting 7th, only 5 seconds off the podium. The next morning Zach had his XC race. Tristan and I rode all over the course cheering him as much as our voices would let us. He rode to a great 3rd place! Later that day Tristan and I suited up for STXC race. We both had pretty bad starting spots, but got through traffic fast to make near the front. I put in a move on our group with 2 to go up a small hill to hold on for 12th place. My best finish to date in Short track. Tristan got tangled up in a wreck on the last lap, and finished 22nd, but I think he would have been top 15 also without the wreck. Check out all the photos below, all but one is courtesy of Joe Stone. A best friend from the West Virginia Days who now lives

in Cali. To say the least it was beautiful out there! This weekend is the 3rd stop of the TMBRA series at Solavoca Ranch. Then back to Cali for the US Pro XCT #2 the following week.

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  • Michael Floores

    hey Bryan, cool pics & race write up, keep em’ coming, it’s the only way a lot of us Texans get to follow you guys. keep pushing them pedals brother, good luck at the next one. capnmwf

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