Waco Cyclocross Race!!!!

We have great weather! Awesome course! Food Truck! Music! Best heckle zone ever! well and so much more!

Please Pre-reg! https://www.bikereg.com/NET/17811/Outback-Cyclocross-Race

This is going to be a exciting new course that is worth any drive.
Thanks for racing, Bryan

WNX… Week 9

After last week and the success of the completely flat course, can you believe it was called pedally? Racing was close and lots of  exciting sprint finishes. I will again give you a course that you will love to hate, but can’t stop smiling!

Another 4 pack of tall boys? barriers I talking about… maybe bring back some old school T turns… Good times. We will also have touches to get you ready for Austin and Waco..speaking of Waco, please pre-reg if you can. It’s going to be a cross race at a party!

Thanks for racing and see you tonight!

WNX completely flat….this week!

After a hard weekend and knowing what we all went through. We are bringing you a completely new area of the park that will be almost completely flat. Should make for fun group racing and attacks. Also, we are going to reset the series tomorrow.

WNX leaders please bring your jersey’s for overall series one picture.

New series, and huge raffle prizes for next series. The more you race the better chance to win.  we will have set prizes per category.

So new series and NEW WNX jersey to take home on the line!

We also have yourfirstbite food truck coming out tomorrow – please support them if you can!  go to www.yourfirstbite.com and read the story.

See you tomorrow,



Cool things happening

A Strava Run-up section: this will include a few turns and 2 run-ups to complete the section.  There will be prizes awarded in multiple classes.  So a race within a race.  More details to come.

Cat 2 Bonus: As fields grow and 3’s are pushed to 2’s. I will have a Cat 2 Bonus in place if enough are pre-registered.  Either way cat 2’s will have some type of bonus.

Food vendors & Music:  Have a couple of food vendors coming to serve up food while you heckle others.  We will have music going all day.

The course will change Saturday and Sunday:  The venue allows very different options for both days!
2 extra porta cans coming…please use them!

Lots more to come!

Please pre-register! –  it closes on Wednesday Night.

Week 7 WNX: More of the same great stuff!

We will have a look at a couple new areas to get dialed for the weekend.

Food Truck!

Lots of heckling! Let go, get out and have fun on your MTB or CX Bike.

Thanks to all the sponsors and racers!


WNX Week 6

Good Stuff, good times, and lots of local racing! Come out and get tuned up for the next 2 weekends of great racing.

This week we will have a course set-ups similar to Fort-worth as I can remember. Run-ups and flowy turns as well as the typical touches to keep you on your toes!

Then next week we Will be racing on Wednesday and will have a close look at sections of the Cross Giving Event lay out. Including the Raleigh Run-Up STAVA section! With major prizes on the line.  Food vendors and other cool stuff to come for next week also.

Bring Your Number plates! Bring your leaders jersey! Well… and your legs!

Also, please pre-reg for Cross Giving https://www.bikereg.com/NET/17647/Cross-Giving-Cyclocross-Race

Thank you for racing, Bryan


Week 5 & Jakroo Leaders Jersey’s are here!

**Please bring number plates!!!!**

After a week off and all the candy you have been eating. We have another exciting course an lots of challenges to work all that good stuff off.

That’s right, Jakroo overall leaders jersey’s will handed out this week to wear for series leaders. The holder at end of series keeps it! If you get upgraded out of top 3 positions overall( come see me for special prize).

A reminder please check and pick up pick up primes as they will not be saved for following week.

Again, **Please bring your number plates!!!**

Source Endurance will be adding some green bills to the ease the pain on the run-up this week!

Please pre-register for Cross Giving Cyclocross Races and or 5K:

Another ramp will be added, as it seemed to be a hit last week.

As always please support our sponsors and thanks for racing!

WNX Racing Week 4

Another great week of WNX is upon us. Not sure if we can top last week, but we are going to try…

The new course area and features will continue to give riders fun challenges and more smiles (well sorta).

We will add a curb ramp this week for those in need…

** Please bring your numbers plates from last week… you will use same number for entire series.

Keep track of your number plate because at the end of the series – we will have a raffle using number plates! – multiple big prizes!!

We will have updates on Jakroo overalls as the weeks scores add up. We are working with USAC to get last week dialed. we have all the info… just working out details.

Here is a proof of leaders jersey

Big thanks to Jakroo for these awesome Jerseys!

We will have a big list of prizes/primes including 4 Redbull Ogio bags! As well as many other great stuff from our sponsors!

Also, come tune up for Spooky Cross (TXBRA cup races) as I’m sure they will have scary challenges for you this weekend…

Thanks to all the racers and sponsors who continue to help the sport grow.

See you Wednesday!


Week 3 of WNX see if you can impress!

Lots of things going on at WNX week 3…

First off: Three pro tour cyclists from RadioShack Nissan Trek – Markel Irizar, Tiago Machado and Jens Voigt! – will be at WNX this week. They are making a very brief visit to north Texas for sponsor work and wanted to see what grassroots Texas cx racing looks like. Barring any travel issues, they should be watching – not racing – from 630 pm to 8 pm. Come out and show them your skills or just say hello. No plans for formal autograph session at this point. We’ll keep it casual and see how it goes.

Next up: The overall points will start to take shape as week 3 comes in and battles for leaders jerseys will get heated! (we willl award first leaders at 6 weeks) Also, No pre-riding during cat 4 race! Only cat 4’s on the course. As well as no cat 1′ or cat 3 cyclocross) in 2/3 short track. This is to keep it easier for officals. Thanks

Others: We will have some sidewalk ramps to take edge of sidewalk. Course will take on more changes, as I learn the venue they will continue to evolve and help people prep for upcoming races. *Please use red cups and don’t leave any trash at the park! They are great for letting use this venue, and I hope to not have to pick up trash this week.*

This weekend  we will have races in San Antonio for txbra points and up north in Tulsa for the Ruts and Guts 3 day event! crazy money for all categories! I will try to duplicate a section from each. Lots of primes and prizes! Don’t forget to pick them up espically the luck ones that win the RedBull Ogio Bags!!!!

Thanks again to all the great sponsors..please support them! Then all our racers who dig deep, week to week!

See you tomorrow, Bryan

WNX week 2

Here we go again!

This week a little bigger and wilder.

More lights, lots of prizes, and heckling are waiting on you!!!!  (Or you can do the heckling!)

Come out and get your ride on or just come give a cheer…

Thanks to all the sponsors, supporters, and racers that make it possible.

WNX Week One Recap and Results

First I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who came out and all the help setting up and cleaning up!   The first week is done and now I know a bit more about the venue.

Results are posted on USAC so you can get your upgrades!

Every week will continue to get better: Week 1 was great, lots of smiling faces and lots there will be a lot more to come

…Hecklers hill was a blast!

…and DJ Homes had us going all night!


* I will have 2 light towers (and the parking lights will come on earlier). =bigger course, no darkness.

* The start finish will be longer and course will be more open to help with early lap congestion.

* Many other little tweaks that will ensure a good time!

* We will have free Red Bull or crazy water.


I need a 1-2 minute video of some WNX racing and winner will receive one of the Redbull OGIO NEWT packs + other goodies

Also, please pick up primes & prizes each night.

Thanks and see you next week.