WNX is coming!

I am as excited about this Wednesday as I was about the first time I raced cross…So many new things and opportunities for racers that seeing it all come together is truly exciting.

After looking way back…In 2008 when myself and Dallas Bike Works took on the first ever TNX series, with only a few brave racers and cross was barely a Texas thing… now, thanks in large part to Dallas Bike Works,  all the great sponsors and racers continue to help the sport grow bigger than ever in Dallas.

So it’s time for the next level of cross in Dallas!

This Wednesday!!  Look for an exciting course, great prizes, and the usual heckling along the way.


We have other exciting news: Clothing company: JAKROO is going to be doing WNX leaders Jersey for 6 and 12 week leaders!!!!! The top!

Then BELGIUM  BIKE (belgium distributor) is providing Morgan blue warm-up oil for people to try – gets you loose and protects the skin.

…and so much more cool begium stuff to come.

Old school!

One more..


WNX in one week!

If you haven’t pulled out the cross bike yet, it’s now time! One week away from the new WNX Cyclocross presented by Dallas Bike Works and Crazy Water. The exciting new venue is going to provide lots of hard racing, good times, and memories made!


We have some seriously awesome stuff to give away.

Top the list: Red Bull OGIO NEWT Bags:$110 value, 3 Cases of crazy water, That Butt Stuff, ESI Grips, Vittoria Tires, Gift Cards from Richardson Bike Mart. Gift card from Mad Duck Cyclery, Greatness from Arundel, prizes from Cadence Cyclery, Prizes from Giant bicycles and more to come….

We are going to try and put in a kiddie race between Short track and Cyclocross @ 7:00 P.M. So bring the little ones!

Sam Houston Trail Park! Can be tricky the first time, Valley view exits, north side of Highway.

See you next week!


WNX racing series is ON!!!

Approved: Check it out!

Please support our sponsors. Thanks to all the awesome people and sponsors who made this possible.

WNX 2012 Race Flyer

Next CX Clinic on WED Sept. 12th

This weeks clinic was cancelled due to the heat. Hopefully next week we can have a little better temperatures.

Next week we will start @ 6:00 in Irving @ Sam Houston Trail Park. The entrance to park is tricky. From Toll Road and 635 use valley view exits. The entrance on west direction/north of 635 and directly under the mix master.

We will have lots to cover in the time we have. Barriers, dis-mount/remount, Shouldering, Suitcase/portage, Off-camber, starts, and more…..

Then will wrap it up with a couple short races on a shortened version course to put what you learned to the test. $10 for clinic.

I am off to Rochester, NY for first UCI races of the year. Hope things go well. See you next week, Bryan


Cross Clinic Update!

First Cross Clinic at DBW  – tomorrow night – that’s Tuesday Night – right behind the shop.

Address is: 4875W. Lawther Drive Dallas TX 75214  @ 6:30.

We will practice cross specific practice skills – dismount – remount – off camber turning, run ups..and more

With a race at the end!




I know it sounds different, but it’s going to help grow the sport! Week night Cross, or Wednesday Night Cross.

BIG NEWS! We have a new location with IRVING Parks.

It’s Sam Houston Trail Park! It will be easy for everyone in the metroplex to get to, has multiple opportunities for elevation change, wide open sections, fun changes every week, safe and lots of parking on concrete, as well as starting on concrete. This will be the ultimate weekly training session!

View Larger Map

The schedule will be similar to last year with mtb short track and cyclocross!

Final schedule and details soon to come.

Thanks to everyone who continues to help the sport grow. Bryan

Week Night Series!

The cross season will start with 2 clinics/ mach races in September.

Then week night cross and mountain bike short track will start first week in October.

Look for lots of updates and pain on the way!

For now, mark your schedule for the Texas Cup Cyclocross Series as BFproductions will host 6  Texas CUP Events!


Off to the Ozarks for one of the best events of the year. The Eureka Springs Fat Tire Festival. WIth the Big Fatty Omni! Combining Scores of Short track, Downhill, Trials, and XC. It’s a cool format I wish we had more of. The organizing body has put together tough courses that make for a fun weekend, well worth the effort to get to this place. In the Car 7 hrs, Then big trip to North Cakalaki…. for ORAMM. 10,000 ft of climbing in 60 miles. anyone….anyone Nothing like working on your weakness(since a flat lander for years now). While I’m there will get a chance to do testing at the CTS lab in Brevard, more to come on that.

Nationals in Idaho

I must say if you take away some bad luck, flat legs, flat tire, altitude, and course traffic this could have been an awesome weekend. Never mind that, it was awesome. First the views, the awesome host family that made things seamless and fun, and the high speed single track that had flowed on and on…
I had a chance to get out and enjoy a little more than the normal course and man…I am happy I did! Wish I had more pics, but just couldn’t hit the brakes, the downhills were just too much fun. Here is my every morning pic I enjoyed my coffee to.


This past weekend I organized the first ever A-ROK EPIC. This was a event  done all on mountain bikes, that included man hours on a bike, a sprint competition, a General Classification, and a new rider award. The Winners were Jeff Turner for GC, Jimmie Vaughn won sprint competition, and Chris Schafer won the new rider award. We had 10 riders take on the  15,000 ft of climbing, combined of road, sick fire roads you can believe are in this region, and some rough single track. The pic below is the final 4 to survive the biggest day.

Other Stuff: Cross Season is on the Way! I have a New Coach from Carmicheal Training Systems. Colin Izzard has a plan to take it to another level. I am truly excited to have my first full-time coach in years! My teammates on Orbea/ Tuff Shed have had great success with CTS. Macky Franklin with top 10 pro XTC, and top 5 eliminator for Kalan Biesel.

I Won the Red River Shootout 2 weeks ago.This race is part of the Tour De Dirt series. I raced my 5 inch super-d bike an took advantage of the nice rock gardens.

I have my New Orbea Occam with fresh Geax tread ready for Super-D nationals this coming weekend. I’ve finished 3rd twice back in 07,08. Hopefully I can get on the box again. It’s high speed which is my style, but the 600ft climb at altitude to start it may cause problems. It’s this Sunday in Sun Valley, Idaho.